Wednesday, April 10, 2013

i dont know...

    On sunday we went to VT to my niece/nephews birthday party, was a GREAT DAY. had fun, the kids had fun. well i had an extra kid with me, i had her all weekend, and she LOVED it, well on sunday her foster "dad" called/texted me. i dont know HOW he got my number, i dont know HOW he knew i had her and i dont know HOW he knew i was out of town. i NEVER gave him my number, ON PURPOSE. i DONT like him, so therefor i never gave him my number. her foster mom has my number, and thats only to keep in touch when i have her. she told me she doesnt want to go back to ny, she would rather live with her foster mom, but ultimately she wants to live with me. we got home and there was a note from him, telling me not to let her foster mom have her and to call him when we got home. um no, i had an agreement with her foster mom, i went thru with it. im sorry but im not sending a child into hell because the crackhead foster father wants to do drugs and thats more important than feeding the kids and if they do feed them, its hot dogs while they have steak, NO NO NO NO, SO WRONG. any GOOD parent would give the kids steak and they eat hot dogs, at least thats HOW I AM. and if theres not enough, i go without. when she lived across the street, she would come over everyday, and i didnt mind. and if i fed her (which i did every night she was here) and if there wasnt enough, i made damn sure that the kids ate, my dad ate and brian ate, if i didnt eat that night, i didnt eat, big deal. and dinner time is at a decent time NOT at the kids bedtime, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? you eat dinner at 9 at night, what fucking crack are you on? and then the kids have to stay awake til after dinner? EAT DINNER AT A FUCKING REASONABLE HOUR. UGH. then ya bitch cuz the kids dont want to get up in the morning, well gee i fucking wonder why. oh and if the kids ask for seconds all they get is veggies, really? if they ask for seconds (which they usually dont at my house because i usually give them enough to fill them up the first time, like any GOOD parent would do, but on the off chance they want more, ill give them another helping of EVERYTHING) yeah, fucking crackheads. cant stand people like that!

       Got another update on my gram, shes well enough to be moved from the ICU to a regular room, and eventually be transferred to my local hospital. she CAN talk, but its like baby talk, you cant really understand her. she DIDNT need the breathing tube, she just had an off day. and thats the latest i know about her.

    One of our neighbors, who owes us 8 grand wants us to take over his durango. i have several problems with it, ONE being thats how hes going to try to get out of paying us back. TWO being its yet another FUCKING bill we CANT afford. THREE, insurance is going to be thru the fucking roof because brians only had his license ONE FUCKING YEAR. WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SAVING MONEY. we have to find another place to fucking live, and hes more fucking concerned about a fucking vehicle. ok, i KNOW its his only mode of transportation, but shouldnt a FUCKING ROOF OVER YOUR FUCKING KIDS HEADS AND YOUR FUCKING HEAD AND YOUR WIFES FUCKING HEAD BE MORE FUCKING IMPORTANT? i would think so. so when we have NO FUCKING MONEY for a fucking apartment, or other bills, dont come fucking crying to me. and he keeps fucking forcing the issue, he keeps forcing it, im going to fucking say no. EVERY FUCKING DAY he has something to say about it, well keep fucking talking about it, cuz its NOT going to fucking happen. he was supposed to save 4 grand from his fucking taxes so we could have money to move into a place, but NO OF FUCKING COURSE NOT, hes worse than a fucking girl. spending money, while im TRYING to fucking save. they all see me just sitting on the fucking computer all day, FALSE, while i may be on the computer the MAJORITY of the day, im not on it ALL day. and when i am on it, its looking for freebies or ways to fucking save money. i get NO appreciation from ANYONE for it. it doesnt fucking matter if the fucking truck has an alarm on it, it doesnt matter that brian has AAA. it all goes by how long youve had your fucking license and shit like that, if he had it for longer than ONE year, YES it would be cheaper, but hes not "experienced" he hasnt had it 5 years.

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