Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lots of stuff

ok, so i know its been quite a while since i posted here. lately my days have been crappy, like i can barely move type days, because of my dumb hips...every time i get up, they pop. its kind of annoying especially because they hurt a lot. brian hasnt worked in the last couple of weeks because of his ankle. hes going to have surgery on it on nov 17. he will be out of work and in a cast for 6 weeks then a walking cast for another 6 weeks, then physical therapy. i really hope he can get temporary disability. because his unemployment (he works and still gets unemployment to make up the difference, since he only works two or three days a week at 4 hours each shift) will be running out soon. i recently told mackenzie that she needs to step up and help out more because of my hips and brians ankle. i told her shes not going anywhere this weekend because shes gotta clean her room. i told her this past saturday that she needed to clean her room. she spent two hours in there and didnt really get anything done, so i went in on saturday night and in 45 minutes i managed to sort the clothes *hers, mine, madisons and brians and blankets, sheets, washcloths and towels* and throw some stuff away. the big thing was laundry. i need to have it all washed so i can go through it all and see what fits and what doesnt. i have a ton of clothes for my cousin sara whos due with her first baby in dec...its a girl. so im giving her everything madison outgrew that i kept.