Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it was a GREAT day yesterday!

spent the day at my best friends house. the kids had presents they needed to exchange, so up to her house we drove. an hour and a half away. madison got sick in the car but was fine by time we got there. she had fun playing and running around with her kids. they liked the presents we got them and madison loved the presents they got her. lots of pictures were taken, by her since my camera is completely dead. brian and my dad had another guy to hang out with, the kids were playing together all day, and me and her had time to chill out while watching the kids. we even made the men watch them for a little bit. it was a great day. we brought the dog with us. her cats werent too thrilled about it, but her son loved having him there but her daughter didnt, she was afraid of him. but thats ok, maybe as we hang out more and more she will get used to having the dog around and having fun and playing with him. her son took her daughters doll and carriage and was playing with that for a little bit, then she played with for a little bit. they played on the broken down toy jeep that someone had to push. they loved it. they shared and her kids actually talked a little more than normal. dunkin tried getting at her rabbit, but luckily he was in his cage so dunkin couldnt get him. im still worn out from yesterday. it was great getting out of the house for a while. had a great lunch, steak, hot dogs and hamburgers, macaroni and pasta salads, the kids really had fun. which was good. i like that theres a couple of kids madisons age she can play with even if it is a few times a year. this was actually our second meeting, on her turf. next time will be on my turf at my wedding. im sure the kids will have a blast then too. they will have so much room to run around in (huge giant field to run in) horses to see, goats to see, dogs too. plus food and music. hopefully it will be nice out so we dont have to have the ceremony in the garage. even so we will have a tent, so whatever. im probably just worried over nothing, but im also getting nervous because its two months away. this lady who has my dress needs to bring it back to me. i really need to have it here. we brought her son a thomas the tank engine toy, and when he woke from his nap, he loved it. madison came home with a toy kitchen which is outside and a doll high chair, a pair of sneakers an outfit a doll and two pairs of pants. she loves it all. she even slept with her new baby doll last night til her teeth woke her up screaming. then i put orajel on her paci, stuck it in her mouth and she went back to sleep in my bed.

Monday, April 4, 2011

damn it

so today is madisons birthday, the big 2. and you would think that that would be important enough for asshole to stay home instead of going job hunting, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. job hunting is MORE important than his daughter. oh and not to mention i told him LAST NIGHT that i wanted to finish cleaning our room. yeah apparently HIS NEEDS AND WANTS ARE MORE FUCKING IMPORTANT. so it is day 1 of the silent treatment, and he will know im pissed at him by time he comes home because i havent said a damn word to him since he decided he needed to go TODAY. just mumbles under my breath. yep, im done talking to him, think he will sleep on the couch tonight and hes not getting any for a while. fuck it, theres no point anyways. oh and nevermind that its fucking sleeting out. job hunting can be done TOMORROW when its NOT madison birthday and its nicer out. fucking asswipe. so now i get to deal with a very unhappy 2 yr old. because her daddy couldnt stay home. i told him that it could wait, and to stay home today, his excuse "im always home" i said "no, actually YOURE NOT, I AM" im am just rip shittin pissed today. and of course i have good reason too.