Thursday, September 2, 2010

laundry and barfing

so yesterday was MacKenzies first day of 6th grade. she likes it so far, and her teacher seems nice. well, Madison had woken up with an upset stomach, commence barfing, not sure what caused her to have an upset stomach, but she seems fine today. well last night i started to wash all the barfed on sheets, blankets, clothes, pillows i am finishing up the damn laundry. brian says he doesnt feel good, surprise fucking surprise, nevermind that i have a billion and a half things to do today, like clean the house (i admit ive been lazy, and havent cleaned in a while, i make him clean, and nevermind that he spent all last weekend in bed because he hurt his tailbone...oh waaaaah) give me a fucking break, i took care of a sick baby yesterday, who proceeded to barf all over my clothes, which if you read a post i made a while ago about NOT having clothes, you would understand how precious my clothes are to me. its kind of irritating that i have to clean the whole house (not including upstairs, just downstairs) and with my bad hips, its not fun. so not only do i have to wash, dry, fold, put away the clothes, i have to empty and refill and run the dishwasher, vacuum, take the dog for a walk, clean the desk, clean the bathroom, take out the trash, i have to watch Madison. its irritating because hes home, and yes Madison is taking a nap right now upstairs with him, but as soon as she wakes up, he will bring her down to me, instead. and it pisses me off. i pulled the single parent route before, and i swear im going down that path again. even when he is home, he doesnt help me take care of her. by time shes sleeping for the night its too late for me to shower, i cant shower during the day because of all the shit i have to do. i bitch and complain about it, and yet, it gets me no where, guess who wont be getting any anytime soon. last night because madison threw up on my bed, and all over my quilt, i had to freeze (we sleep with two windows open and a fan in one of those open windows) he took the blanket away, so i was freezing when i got up at 430 this morning, and ive been going ever since. i love how he get to sleep and i dont (not really, being sarcastic) it seems like everyone in this house gets to sleep but me, or how everyone gets to eat but me, yeah, im tired of it. he says "just eat ill take care of her" yet, when shes done with her dinner, i have to stop eating to clean her up. i give, i seriously give. guess ill never get to shower, have time to myself, eat or sleep anymore, oh and let alone going to the potty by myself, thats illegal in this house too. everyone else can go in privacy, but everytime i have to, people bother me. and its not just the kids, its brian too. i mean seriously, you have to bother someone when theyre in the potty, no one bothers him in there. no one bothers mack when shes in there, but yet, i cant go in peace. UGH! that is my rant for now