Thursday, February 16, 2012

wow, been a long time

i am officially back online. my internet was cut off in dec. SUCKED. got it back yesterday, LOVE IT. in the past two and a half months not really too much has been going on. found out that my brother was moved from prison to county jail again. all we knew was that he was being moved but we had no clue to where, but a step down from prison to county is good, that means he may very well be released soon. last friday brian and i got put on a friends cell phone plan. so now we both have androids, and i was able to get online thru that, but it wasnt the same because i couldnt play my games. the kids were sick last week, SUCKED madison threw up, mack had a sore throat, hate when that shit happens. madison threw up again last night so i thought "here we go again" this weather is screwing them up. we bought one of those ear thermometers, which works freaking great. only takes a second to get the temp instead of waiting three minutes. had to take mack to the e.r. to make sure it wasnt strep cuz when that hits, i get it real bad to the point my throat closes. not good. i had it so bad when i was 17, everything hurt going down, from a banana, to soup to milk, everything hurt, even applesauce. wasnt fun. i did text my bestie while i had no internet so she kept everyone informed and on certain days i had her post for me. which was nice. im trying to get her to come down to visit so she can see my house, since ive been to hers, its her turn to come to mine. last time we saw each other was in oct for a parade. since she lives a state away. gonna see if i can get her to come down one of these days. mack has vaca next week, half day tomorrow. damn it. lol.