Wednesday, November 30, 2011

more randomness

so thanksgiving came and went without a hitch. everyone loved my sweet potatoes. theres a penny social on sunday but i dont think im going because my whiney baby grandmother will probably be there. and if i do go, im not bothering with her. and then she will act all hurt and whine about that. shes the one acting like a baby, pissed because i wont give up my moms 25yr old cabbage patch kids...theyre twins and im not giving them up. if she wanted them so bad, she could have claimed them up to 6 months after mom died...not 4 yrs after the fact, so legally they are mine and i dont have to give them up. and im not going to. above are the pics. they have their original papers, outfits and even diapers. the only thing we dont have is the box. everything else is original. OMG madison is going to drive me bonkers...everytime a commercial comes on, she whines, like i can control it. or when the cable box acts up, she thinks i can fix it. theres nothing i can do about it. she also ruined ALL of her sheets because she drew on them with marker and pen. that shit doesnt come out at all. mack lost one of the brackets from her braces. so i called the orthodontist and they said it was ok, and theyll put a new one on when she goes to get her bottoms done, but i think they might do it on the 8th when she goes to get them tightened. hopefully my bestie will be coming down on saturday. the guys can hang and me and her can take the kids to the park or something. thats the plan anyways, hopefully her hubby doesnt be a jerk again like last weekend. she was supposed to come down last weekend but her hubby got mad and took the truck with the carseats.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

random randomness

brian and i got into a fight last week because he was spending all his time at his mothers work, where he worked after his day job. and it pissed me off to the extent that i was going to take my rings off. AGAIN. he hates it when i take them off. i hadnt seen him in 3 days which means madison didnt see him in 3 days and it pissed me off. we were sleeping by time he got home, didnt see him in the mornings, because he left while madison was still sleeping. this morning he asked me to do his laundry, what do i look like? the housebitch? oh wait, i AM the housebitch. yeah, still not doing his laundry. i need to wash one of my fave sweatshirts but i cant because HE is wearing it. now it reaks of alcohol because he works at budweiser breaking glass bottles so they can be recycled. went to walmart to put stuff on layaway for the kids for christmas and my fil was with us (brian just got his learners permit so he drove out there and his dad was with us cuz i dont have a license) well, fil said "dont bother putting it on layaway, ill pay for it" didnt expect that. but got the kids a few things. theyll get more, so im not really worried about it. fil bought himself a 47" flat screen tv. he had won some money at the casino on saturday, so he could afford it. also fil bought madison a child sized recliner with a cup holder and its pink. he got that at the grocery store. i dont like madison standing on the rocking chair to put her movies in and pressing play, so she can stand on that and have it not move. yesterday dad asked "what are you making for dinner?" i said "i dont know yet" he said "spaghetti sounds good, what do you need for it?" since i only needed a few things, he went and got it for me. and we had spaghetti, my moms style, since thats the only way i know how to make it. and it always tastes like moms. think today will be roast beef since all we have in the freezer is beef. no more pork or chicken. haha. oh wait we have a pork roast but i dont want that. i dont have applesauce and i dont want to go to the store to get it. yep, im lazy. besides my hips have been bothering me. sunday madisons forehead met my front teeth. hurt too. i was swinging her by her pjs and flipped her up too fast for me to catch and she got my teeth with her head. she has a small bruise on her forehead and my teeth hurt all day, theyre fine now, and it was an instant headache for me. that wasnt fun.