Friday, October 14, 2011


dad got a phone call the other night. then he came into the living room to tell me, MY BROTHER IS A FREE MAN!!!! he has spent the last two and a half, almost three years in jail for supposedly molesting his twin girls, when they were two. he does NOT have to register as a sex offender, and i think hes coming home. he hopes to be home by thanksgiving. which would be freaking awesome. i havent seen my brother in 4 years. a few months before our mom died. he came home with his wife and girls in tow, so we could meet the girls, i have only met them that one time, and i threw them a birthday party because they were turning two the week after they came here. i have never met my nephew and he hasnt met his son. he was born a few weeks after my brother was locked away. we have had contact with my brother via snail mail. he basically will NOT have a criminal record. its been expunged. my brother found out hes been cleared of the charges the night before we found out. first person i told was my bestie. he will be allowed to live here because of his not having to register as a sex offender. if he did have to register then he wouldnt be able to stay here, only have supervised visits, which really wouldnt be a problem since im home anyways. this is great news, i have said all along he didnt do it. and i was right. i do have contact with my SIL. and i can see pics of the kids. and my nephew looks exactly like my brother. the girls are 6 and my nephew is 3. he will be 4 in jan. just over a year older than madison. mack went to the orthodonist yesterday to get molds done of her teeth and also to put spacers in. she has 4 all on the top molars. in two weeks she will be getting her top braces. i guess thats why they only put spacers on the top. since shes only getting top braces first. then when she goes to get her lower ones, theyll put spacers in on the bottom. madison said to me yesterday "pot" lol, she was asking for a lollipop. she knows what she wants. she was weighed at WIC the other day and shes twenty four and a half pounds and 33 inches tall. so yes, shes still small, and thats fine. with me. HOLY HELL, shes been sleeping for 12 hours. she went to sleep a little before eight last night and is still sleeping. can we say growth spurt? lol. im just happy about the news about my brother.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


so for the last few weeks, brian has been working with his mom taking care of some woman, hes only supposed to work 2 hours a day. he is getting paid for it, but yesterday just really pissed me off...she had asked if he could go in for 430, ok whatever, then she calls and asks if he could go in at 230. that set me off. thats an extra 4 hours madison didnt get to see her daddy. oh and she said she was paying him 25 dollars, yeah FUCK THAT. thats 4 hours that madison didnt see her daddy, and 4 hours i didnt see my husband, are you kidding me, we are newlyweds. yeah not even 4 months yet. her excuse for not doing HER JOB? SHE WANTED TO GO OUT! yeah i think not, brian and i dont get to go out, except ONE TIME, in the 3 1/2 years weve been together, we only went out once without kids. and yes i did enjoy spending time with my husband without kids. i never get to leave without at least one kid, today i have a WIC appt, tomorrow i bring mack to the orthodontist to get molds made of her teeth. and 2 weeks from tomorrow she gets her top braces. hes supposed to work from 7pm to 9pm. while shes there, then hes supposed to walk her home. fuck that, he doesnt get home til ten thirty. that pisses me off too. she has a husband, he can walk her home, but i think he would rather cheat on the psycho. thats not the point though, she needs to learn that he has a family and he doesnt see them much because of her. oh and everytime he brings madison to her house, she barfs. must be something there that she doesnt like, you know, like