Friday, March 6, 2015

been almost 2 yrs since i posted...WOW

ok, so last october hubby let his best friend move in. the agreement was that he would help pay the bills and help out around the house once in a while. fatass hasnt paid me in 2 months *3 if you count this month* for bills, theyre fucking sky high because he hasnt given me anything. then when we said we need 350 for the bills he had the nerve to ask whats he gonna live on for a month, um fatfuck what are we gonna live on for a fucking WEEK? we found out that maddy needs special ed and an iep. she has a developmental delay. she will be going on disability because of it. in my state a child with a learning disability and needing special ed can be on disability. in feb we got into 2 rear end accidents within 12 days of each other. that was fun...NOT. the first one was on the 4th of feb and when the guy hit us, i got out of the truck and got on the phone with 911. he saw i was on the phone with the cops and said "oh no no, you dont have to do that" as soon as i hung up with them, i yelled "the fuck i dont, you hit us, you damaged my vehicle, my kids are in there" brian was shaking, i was ready to punch the fucker in the face. when the cops got there, they gave us the information exchange form with the guys info on it. when brian got out first the fucker who hit us pretended he didnt speak english until i was on the phone. so much for his "i no speaka english" bit. we went to the e.r. to get checked out. noone was seriously injured we were stopped for a red light and there was traffic in front of us as well as the side of us (we were trying to get in the left lane to turn). as for the second one, we were bringing my FIL to catch a bus, we were STOPPED to turn left once again and the car behind us nailed us. she got a bent license plate we got a completely broken bumper. yet once again, the kids were in the car, when the cop got there, he saw the back bumper of the truck and FACEPALMED. that was pretty funny. so we did the whole call the insurance company thing again, we were going to give it back to the bank (too expensive and needed 9,000 in repairs BEFORE the two accidents) we gave it back as is, and when the idiot came to pick it up (was already off the road, no plates and no insurance) he drove it pretty quick up the back of his tow truck. i watched him. the bank ended up junking it because apparently the tow truck driver did more damage than what was already on it. dumbass. so back to the fatfuck. he hasnt given me any money for the last 3 months for the bills. all he does is EAT AND SLEEP. im sorry but i believe the conditions of you living here was YOU HELP PAY BILLS AND HELP CLEAN. not eat and sleep all the fucking time. then he expects us to give him rides places. um no, if you dont contribute to household bills and housework, then start fucking walking. i have bad hips and i still walk everywhere. he said hes gonna try to get his license back, ill stay home then. he has diabetes, so eating all that he does is NOT good for him. all he drinks is diet soda. try water sometimes asshole. i told hubby not to let him move in but he didnt listen. because i KNEW this shit would happen, but what do i know? he had a shitfit because we werent gonna put cable in his room, so we put cable in his room, he dont watch it. really? asshole. on our internet (another bill hes supposed to help pay, cable/internet) he has 2 tablet, a laptop, a bluray player, his phone, and his ps3. he has a cpap machine which uses up ALOT of electricity. i want to strangle the fat fuck but my hands wont reach around his fat throat.