Wednesday, March 27, 2013

wasnt so bad and UGH!!!!

so i had jury duty yesterday, though i was originally scheduled for may 9. last week i got a paper saying i had it for yesterdays date, so i went in and by me going in i got out of doing it on may 9. thought i would be there til like 2 or so. so my dad took the day off. i had left before maddy got up. about 945 i was dismissed...i was happy i didnt have to serve on the jury.  so i called my dad to let him know i was on my way home, and asked if maddy asked for me...he said no, thats a GOOD sign. that means she doesnt have separation anxiety and when she starts school she will be fine. i think my anxiety of leaving her for the FIRST time in her life was sky high because i wasnt sure if she would flip out that i wasnt here or what, but i was happy to find out she didnt care that i wasnt there. hell she didnt even notice i had come home til i had been home for a half hour.
    we have to move soon, i want/need to stay in the same city were in now. hubby wants to move out of the city/state. i have WAY too much to lose to do that, and hes not getting that. he doesnt understand that it takes FUCKING FOREVER to find drs for me and the kids. he wants to move back to fl, while yes the rent is MUCH cheaper, it takes FOREVER to get on state health insurance down there, it takes FOREVER to find drs I CAN TRUST, down there. when i lived there when mack was a baby, her dr ended up going out of business for MALPRACTICE. yeah, theres NOTHING walking distance down there. he doesnt get it, that if we move out of state, i have to give up my cats AGAIN. i did that when i left fl 9 yrs ago when mack was 4 (almost 5) and im NOT doing that again to another 4 yr old. it KILLED me to give up my cats the last time, its going to kill me more to do it again. he says theres nothing here for him, ok, so his father is nothing? his father is over 60 and has already had 2 FUCKING HEART ATTACKS. my dads pushing 60 (will be 59 this year) not only that i wouldnt be able to go see my mom, my aunt and my twin brother when i want. its a 20 minute walk for me now, and he wants to take me 1500 miles away. i told him i dont give a shit im not moving out of state. im not moving out of this city. theres WAY too much for me to lose. so we argued about it. im NOT moving out of this state or city. and we would have to have more than 6 grand to move to fl. which we DONT have, because he spent all of his taxes on misc stuff, the van was important, and so was food but everything else, NOT important. and paying our dads and his best friend money we owed them, but everything else NOT important. i try to save money, he spends it all. but whatever, i dont know what the fuck im talking about. theres no such thing as welfare or foodstamps down there, NONE WHATSOEVER. and he would have to get a job first down there and a place to live BEFORE we even fucking THOUGHT of it, not to mention id have to leave my SISTER. there ARE places up here we CAN AFFORD but he doesnt want to hear it, so fuck that, im done, not moving dont care what he says.

Monday, March 25, 2013

some people and other stuff

some people are too stupid for their own good, take for instance, hubbys step father. fucker has been costing brian money in his newspaper checks. like every mistake the idiot makes it costs 3.00 PER paper that he screws up. then the ass wants MORE money than he earns. so brian told him hes done with him and hes not going to be helping anymore. he has my 14 yr old helping on weekends and one of his friends helping the rest of the week, his stepfather NO MORE. last week he cost my hubby 200 out of his pay from the newspaper. so he gets NOTHING next week (pay is every two weeks from the newspaper). the other day brian let him take the second smaller part of the route and fucker didnt bag the papers like hes SUPPOSED to. like fucking seriously TOO STUPID FOR HIS OWN GOOD. so guess what happened? yup brian got a lot of complaints. told him to tell his stepfather hes done. his mother is too stupid for her own good too. but thats nothing new. when the dumbfuck started helping brian, he told the dumbass that he would be getting 60 every two weeks from the newspaper check, but thats not good enough for him, he wanted 60 EVERY WEEK. told brian NO and if he was going to help he would get paid out of the newspaper check, not his regular check. oh and not to mention dumbfuck STOLE the helper position from brians best friend. didnt ask just STOLE. so glad to be done with the fuck. they just recently moved, and said that if they got thrown out of their old place they were coming to live here, um NO. first off, they cant just decide theyre going to move into a place THEYRE NOT WELCOME. and second, i could legally have had them arrested if they tried. because they KNOW theyre not allowed here. besides, they would have been dead within two seconds of being in the house. his mother and stepfather and i DO NOT get along, AT ALL. like seriously, they dont want to piss me off to no end AT ALL. FUCK FUCK FUCK i have jury duty tomorrow. DAMN IT. thankfully my dad will be taking the day off to watch maddy. brian cant because his job wont let him. so this past saturday i turned 35. well friday night hubby/his best friend/kids and i went out to a local pizza place for dinner, my choice, because i LOVE their pizza. hubby had brought a cake in earlier in the day for them to bring to me after dinner. it was funny because even though like NOONE knew my name except us...DUH everyone was singing happy birthday to me. JERK found a way to embarrass me. above is the cake. had some on saturday as well and the meanie put trick candles on it. and i wasnt allowed to blow them out myself, my ALMOST 4 yr old had to her birthday is NEXT WEEK! AAAHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAHHHH. lol. her party is on the 6th, and the day after we have a party to go to at my sisters, for HER two kids, who are EXACTLY 1 yr apart. and shes doing a little something special for maddy that day too. shes a sweetheart, because she doesnt HAVE to but shes already have her kids presents and my familys easter shit bought and put together, i will get the usual NOTHING. and thats fine because on easter we are having a double party on my dads side for me and maddy, since our birthdays are so close together. and it will also be one of my cousins birthdays but shes in fl so ill just call her that day to wish her a happy birthday. and everyone can talk to her then. or ill text

Thursday, March 21, 2013

when i worked at hotels cleaning rooms....and other stuff

so on saturday is the big 3-5. all i know is i better get something good, and get the cake i want...and if you know anything about me and what my fave sport is, its racing. and since you know that, then you would know my favorite driver is dale jr. and thats what i want on my cake (the actual person would be nice, but since im off in lala land, i KNOW that wont happen) lmao. this story im about to tell is so funny...when i was working at a gas station i had a coworker who liked JR as much as i do, well, hes a redhead, and so is my oldest daughter, so i told my (former) coworker that she was his..and she BELIEVED me. she asked me "does he pay child support?" i said "no, im not a gold digger, i dont want his money, hes coming up this weekend to see us though. he might give me some money then, but he knows i wont take it" the look on her face was PRICELESS. anything i said that concerned him and my daughter she believed. i was straight lying thru my teeth, but hey she was really gullible. then, being a royal smartass that i am, i took a pic of him and a pic of her and put them side by side, and she said "she looks just like him" i said "see, i told you that shes his" lmfao, they look NOTHING alike, other than the red hair. he has green eyes, shes got blue. i have blue. lol. while yes i have met his father, i NEVER met him. ive met some other celebrities as well...the joys of  cleaning hotel rooms. i even had to kick a nascar driver out of his room cuz he was an asshole. i was 18 at the time, and the driver drove the cornflake car, terry labonte. yeah hes a major dick. he tried to tell me how to do my job (ok, i was new to the hotel and new to the state of fl) so i told him "do i tell you how to drive a race car?" he said "no" so i said "then dont tell me how to do MY job. i may not make a lot of money, like you do, but this is MY job, not yours" he then told me "im reporting you to the head housekeeper" i said "go ahead, shes not gonna do anything" lmfao, the head housekeeper was my mom. so he went and told on me. of course i didnt get into trouble. such an ass. lmfao. as he was leaving to go practice i told him "make all RIGHT turns" and if you know racing/watch racing, they only make LEFT turns. ill be damned that he didnt make a right turn. what a dumbfuck. at another hotel i worked at with my mom, she was head housekeeper/laundry...we had a V.I.P room for a week. the V.I.P requested that "the mom/daughter team" only clean the room. the mom/daughter team? yup, me and my mom. the V.I.P? james earl jones and his wife. they left us each 50 bucks, EVERYDAY. that was more than i made in a day. another time, same hotel it was B.C.R. (black college reunion) and i had 3 floors to myself, (out of 7, i had floors 3,4,5) and at the this time i was on the 3rd floor cleaning, and two of the rooms were checking out. we had to leave cards with our names on it so they could know who their housekeeper was...well as i was cleaning one room, one of the people in one of the rooms that was checking out came up to me and said "are you becky?" i said "yes i am" she said "this is for you" and handed me 20. i said "thanks" she said "i wanted to make sure that you got it" i said "thanks" she said "in the other room is 10 dollars" i said "ok, thank you" then she left. sure enough i got 30 dollars from the two rooms. i went down to show my mom and she said "i get half" i said "no way mom" she said "im your mother, i trump everything, i get half" i growled at her and gave her 10. lmao. same hotel...SPRING BREAK. on the 6th floor helping another housekeeper since i didnt really have anything on my 3 floors, some college kids decided they wanted to take our pics with them. another time, same place, just a random day, helping the same girl (we called her little bit, she was really short) we knocked on a door, and they guy answered the door BUTT NAKED. we wanted to die. then offered him his clean towels. did not step foot in that door. and told him, next time to cover up. we didnt need to see that. yet another day my glasses broke (was a sunday) mom had given us radios so she could keep in contact with us...she knew right off that it was a BAD idea to give me one, because i refused to call her by her name on the radio and kept calling her MOM. well this day, i called her on the radio and asked where she was, she said she was in the laundry room and asked why. i told her "you need to call dad, i cant see" she said "what do you mean you cant see?" i said "my glasses broke, i cant see" so she came up to see where i was and stuff and called my dad. who had to come pick me up and bring me to the mall to get new glasses. that was the roughest 3 hours of my life. i had A BAD headache. you see, i cannot see a foot in front of my face without glasses. same hotel my 21st bday. my moms boss told her "whether you like it or not, im taking her out clubbing on her 21st" my mom couldnt object, went to dinner that night, started drinking since i was legal. (my oldest daughter was less than 2 months old) my moms boss picked me up at 9 and we went out. the night was mostly a blur, but i do remember her telling every DJ of every club we went into that it was my 21st so a lot of guys were buying me drinks and doing shots with me and i was wearing mardi gras beads. and i dont remember anything after that. my moms boss didnt drink and drive so all she had was water all night. i dont even remember how i got home or into bed, but when i woke up the next morning i was still wearing the mardi gras to work, she sent me home. i told her i didnt have a hangover and i was fine to work, she made me go home, she even drove me home.

Monday, March 11, 2013

my birthday and other junk

so its my birthday this month, the big 3-5 YIKES!!! this year, since it falls on a saturday, apparently we are going to be celebrating for the whole weekend? idk what my hubby is up to, but i know it has to do with my bday. then since easter is at the end of the month and i have plans the day AFTER my bday, we will be celebrating mine and my youngest (whos birthday is a week/half AFTER mine, all you math peoples out there, her bday is april 4, and she will be 4) with my dads side of the fam. and i HAVE to make my "famous" coleslaw...per request of one of my aunts who couldnt get enough of it last summer. since were having ham, nothing goes better with ham than coleslaw. and mine is a simple 4 ingredient mom taught me. yesterday we went to celebrate my grams 89th bday, on my dads side, and she had a blast blowing out her inferno of candles...when we left we had 8 twisted teas (plus one whole unopened 12pk, hubby and i only had 2 each of the opened one) we came back and there was only 3 in the opened box, and 2 dollars, PLUS my 15 dollars in scratch tickets i left on the microwave was missing and in its place 2 dollars and a LOSING ticket. and YUP i know who STOLE my stuff, hes no longer allowed here. and if he tries to come here, i can have him arrested for theft...ok, so 5 twisted teas and 15 dollars is not much, but it doesnt matter its THEFT.  he STOLE my stuff, that shit dont fly with me. he had been staying with us (neighbor) told my dad about it, hes PISSED and said hes not allowed here anymore. dad also said "he shouldnt be TOUCHING ANYTHING, this is OUR house, NOT his" he was supposed to go with dad today but of course hes NOWHERE to be seen and my dad was going to SCREAM at him for stealing from me yesterday. i dont care what the excuse is, THEFT IS THEFT. my plans for the day after my bday are meeting up with my bestie/soul sister and one of our other mom friends, who this will be the first time meeting her in person. we all met each other when we were all preggo with our ALMOST 4 yr olds...on a website. i have met my bestie/soul sister (ok screw it, shes my sister) many a times. and we learned not that long ago that we are indeed soul sisters. so we just take out the soul part and keep sister. back in july at my yearly pap appt, it came back abnormal, so in oct i had to go get a biopsy, ok, no problem she (my dr, gyno) took 3 samples, no numbing meds or anything, didnt bother me, no pain til i got home, but it didnt hurt when i was getting my cervix snipped in 3 places. ONE out of those 3 came back abnormal, so i went in jan to have the second kind of biopsy, called a LEEP. basically she cauterized a quarter sized piece of my cervix off. and YES i was numbed for that one. and when i went back 3 weeks later (had the LEEP done in the beginning of jan) to check how i was healing she gave me the results, NO CANCER! also this year, i have to get a mammogram (aka BOOBIE SQUISHER) because of the history of breast cancer ON BOTH sides of the fam. i have to get my first boobie squisher 5 yrs earlier than normal. the hardest part about those biopsies was trying to fend off the horny hubby for 2 when we CANT do it, he gets gets horny all the time...then when i "wake him up" so we can have fun, since im the LAST to fall asleep, he doesnt remember it half the time. which i find is hysterical.