Tuesday, September 27, 2011

parade and other things

so on oct 2 (this coming sunday) im going to the parade in north adams, meeting up with my bestie and bringing goulash and cupcakes and a special orange frosted one for her. hehehehe. i have clothes for her kids that i bought so ill bring that box. madison decided to decorate the box so her friends can see her great job. lol. i also have an orange lighter for her. i ordered the kids costumes last week, and theyll be here probably tomorrow. one is coming fedex and the other in the mail, which makes no sense because i ordered them from the same place at the same time and theyre both coming from the same city and state. theyre both witches. macks costume is orange and maddys is pink. mack is getting braces a month from today. just before halloween and shes pissed about it because she cant have gum, gummy candy, caramel, nuts, popcorn or anything like that, but the bonus is she wont be able to chew her fingernails. her nails are horrible because she bites them. i dont bite my nails, not sure where she gets it from. last night madison caught me painting my toenails for the first time ever in my life, so she insisted i paint her finger and toe nails, then her sisters...lol. so we all have painted toe nails and the girls have their fingernails done. i dont like my fingers painted. mack has to have braces. uppers and lowers. shes getting uppers first because of her overbite, if they put the bottoms on at the same time, she would bite them right off. so six months after her tops, shell get her bottoms done. shes doing orange for the tops for now, and the bottoms, im not sure. but weve got six months to figure it out. i figure the orange will go good with her hair. because in some lights her hair is orange and others its red. madison has been letting me put her hair up. and i trimmed her bangs last week, i got tired of her pushing them out of her face so i trimmed them. came out straight which is amazing. lol. she doesnt like staying still, so i had mack hold her arms and head still.