Wednesday, August 21, 2013

idiot people and random shit

theres a bunch of idiots i know, two of which are getting no contact orders put on them. we were informed that mil and the thing she calls her husband, called DCF on us, claiming we neglect/abuse the kids and the house is unlivable. so they came over last week, and found NOTHING that they claimed was going on, happening. our caseworker is coming over again tomorrow just to do a quick check, all she saw was problems with flies (every freaking house has them), the kitchen table was sticky, and the fridge wasnt clean, and the kids room needed to be cleaner than it was. mil claimed that the house was falling apart, um its just a couple ceilings which weve fixed, and they werent were the kids are (except the stairs which is where we first repaired) yes our room needs to have the ceiling fixed, we havent gotten to it yet, but it will be done, and they didnt need to see in our room. she also claimed that mack is the only one who changes maddy, that brian is the ONLY one who gives maddy a bath and thats ONLY on sundays, that theres old food and mold on the kitchen counters, the house is always a mess, just bullshit like that. my house may NOT always be clean, but it gets picked up everyday, theres NEVER old food/mold on my kitchen counters, ya know since they get cleaned EVERYDAY, mack doesnt change maddy im the ONLY one who does, because she doesnt like anyone else changing her, and im the one who give maddy a bath 3-4x a week because brian is usually zonked out either right after dinner or just after 7. bath is at 730, so its right before bedtime. so the caseworker will be here tomorrow for a quick check, and the case will be closed. karma got mil but good, ok so i helped in that dept by putting a curse on her, that i didnt know i could do til after i did it, she had a stroke 3 hours after she made her claim to DCF. lmfao. serves her right, and NO im NOT lifting the curse, yes shes still alive, and thats my doing, because im making her life a living hell. and its FUNNY! when he goes to get the no contact order on them, hes going to put the kids names on it as well as mine and his, because we want them to have NO contact with any of us. that means they wont be able to call, come over, see the kids if they go near the kids theyll be arrested, if they try to contact us theyll be arrested oh yes, karma (and me) got them real good. they wanted to play that game, i played it BETTER. they dont realize who theyre messing with.

so last week i won an entire CASE of little debbie brownies on twitter, yes a WHOLE CASE of them, ill be getting them today, i cant wait, we dont usually have snacks in the house, but we will now. the box weighs 16lbs, thats ALOT of snacks. i have to reserve a few boxes. one to one of my cousins who borrowed my big cooler and hes going to give me that back plus a box of salt water taffy for letting them borrow the cooler, plus hes going to pick up his box of brownies, my dad a box, my sister a box and hubbys best friend a box. so thats 4 boxes the rest are MINE ALL MINE, IM NOT SHARING. yes i will. lol. the kids like to snack sometimes, and if anyone else thinks theyre getting any, theyre on crack. little debbie brownies are MY crack, lmao, well so is pepsi, but i havent won any pepsi. damn wish i could though. i really thought i was seeing things when little debbie announced last week that i won a whole case of snacks, i kept looking at my twitter to make sure i was seeing right. lmao. i think its valued at like 100 dollars or something, idk.

friday is my dads 59th birthday, i already gave him his present from us, it was a 90 dollar pic on canvas that i had done for free, all i had to do was write a review. i KNOW after i gave it to him, he started to tear up and thats because it was a pic of my mom. ive only seen him cry 3x in my life. the first time was when my twin was killed, the second when my mom died and then when i gave him his birthday present early. he recently moved out, so its just me, brian and the kids here in the house. now we have extra bedrooms. the one room that was my dads room has been converted into the guest/tv room, there is NO tv in the living room anymore. i was going to make it the play room, but since theres a bed in there, its now the guest room. when we fix the back bedroom, ill probably turn THAT into the play room. to get all the freaking toys out of the living room/kids room. and trust me, ive already gone thru all the toys several times, tossed whats broken/they dont play with anymore. right now maddy has a fascination with thomas the train engine, NOTHING wrong with that, but she does like girly toys too, like dolls. i just recently got a polly pocket for free and as soon as that came in, they both attacked it and wanted to play with it. lol.

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