Monday, July 1, 2013

i know its been few months

ok, so i know its been a few months since i last made a blog post. one of brians friends moved in, did nothing all day but sleep. well saturday, he threw a cup because the kids put a worm NEAR him, not on him, but near him, and he threw a hard plastic cup, nearly hitting the kids and me. i yelled at him to get up and pick it up, then he had a shitfit because i woke him up. and said "i cant sleep at night, i cant sleep during the day, when am i supposed to sleep?" i yelled "i cant sleep at night but you dont see me sleeping all fucking day" he left, havent seen him since, and its a good thing, because of that cup incident, i kicked him out. when he comes to get his stuff, im giving him 20 mins to get it all out of my house or ill throw it away. im sorry you dont throw stuff and nearly hit kids and expect to stay here. nope dont happen. then hes causing all kinds of shit because he got kicked out. he told brians piece of shit lazy ass lying brother that brian did a truck run, meaning he went to new hampshire on saturday to pick up 5 budget trucks, now we know those are infamous for drug smugglers, but the trucks he went to pick up were right from the warehouse, and they had staties with k-9 units to make sure, then they drove them to troy ny. so his lying sack of shit brother stopped by last night, now he has NOTHING to do with brian unless hes trying to start shit, which is what he was doing last night, then he told me AND brian to stop yelling at him, i told him "look you lying piece of shit, youre on MY property, i can and WILL yell if i fucking want to. dont like it? then fucking leave, and IM older than you so RESPECT YOUR FUCKING ELDERS"  he wouldnt stop being a liar so i said "im gonna have to ask  you to get off my property and leave, please" he didnt leave when i asked NICELY for him to leave, so i told him "get the fuck off my property, ive asked nicely, you didnt listen, leave now" it took 10 minutes for him to leave. can not stand him. all he does is put brian down. his mother and i have been getting along lately, and its really scary. she comes here during the day on weekends cuz of her health, she cant be left alone, so she comes here.

mack is a high school freshman in sept. i got her report card AND schedule in the mail. 4 A's 4 B's and 1 C. she was accepted into the vocational program at one of the high schools, the high school of her choice, which is one of the harder high schools.

we now have 5 kittens they will be 4 weeks on wed. they were born june 3rd. the 4 boys are already claimed, and the one little girl, hasnt been claimed. one of the boys were keeping because hes calico. theres an all black one, he has been claimed by one of my dads coworkers and she named him of all things, CHUCK NORRIS. yeah. the calico were keeping is named cocoa. the black/white one is named checkers and hes going to my sister. one of the striped ones (the boy) is named tyke, and hes going to my neighbor. the only one left is MS MOUTH, why is she named that? because shes loud. i know it looks like i took pics of the same kitten over and over for the last three, but i can tell ya, i did not


chuck norris, yes he has an eye cold


ms. mouth

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